by Kenneillia

The People: F.I.T/Canal Street

Photo's taken by both Chris H. and I

From wearing Marc Jacobs sunnies on a morning run to class to wearing suede disco pants and moon boots, F.I.T is filled with a lot inspirational students and I plan on taking full advantage of capturing that. My friend, Chris, and I have only one class to attend together on Tuesdays, so we plan on taking trips and exploring different parts of the city afterwards. We went to Canal Street yesterday and seen so much beauty in the outfits that "the people" were wearing. We snapped a couple of picture's of the people who didn't mind being featured on my blog, with their permission of course. And surprisingly everyone who we asked said yes. Hmm... Thats no shocker there. New Yorkers usually loves being in front of camera.

So I've decided to create a new tab called "The People" and that tab will basically consist of you all; the stylish and the trend setters. Enjoy!

With Love,
Kenneillia S.


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