by Kenneillia


Photographs taken by Alejandro T.

Before anyone says anything about the title of this post, I just want to say that I felt inspired by the Roman numeral numbers within some of the photographs that were taken. MCMXCII means 1992. Why 1992? That is the year that I was born. I am a proud product of New York, but I am ashamed to say that within the 21 years that I have lived in NY I have only been to Columbus Circle once, other then today.  It is not that I am trying to avoid another tourist attraction, it is just that I really do not have much to do in that area. I am considering going there more often because of what I've seen yesterday afternoon. I spotted a big beautiful mall that was pretty much made of glass, gorgeous monumental statues and of course, one of the many entrances to Central Park. I met up with Alejandro and just decided to shoot photos and shop a little. Well, I pretty much watched as he shopped. I know! Strange huh? 
Any who, I hope you all got to enjoy yesterdays gorgeous weather. I am off to work later on today, so even if it nice, I will not be enjoying it from the inside of the Bloomingdales walls. Have a good day you guys! 

Wearing: Dolce Vita Shoes | Gap Jeans | Crossroads Flannel Shirt | Thrifted rings | Calvin Klein Coat

With Love,
Kenneillia S.


  1. You look so chic... I love the articture of the city.. Tartan shirt is looking so nice
    I am inviting you to enter phone covers giveaway

    1. Thank You and yea I didn't realize the short sort of matched the scenery. lol

  2. I love your red hair babe! x


  3. Aww I love the photos; so artistic! Very nice ensemble <3



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