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Photo's taken by both Chris H. and I

From wearing Marc Jacobs sunnies on a morning run to class to wearing suede disco pants and moon boots, F.I.T is filled with a lot inspirational students and I plan on taking full advantage of capturing that. My friend, Chris, and I have only one class to attend together on Tuesdays, so we plan on taking trips and exploring different parts of the city afterwards. We went to Canal Street yesterday and seen so much beauty in the outfits that "the people" were wearing. We snapped a couple of picture's of the people who didn't mind being featured on my blog, with their permission of course. And surprisingly everyone who we asked said yes. Hmm... Thats no shocker there. New Yorkers usually loves being in front of camera.

So I've decided to create a new tab called "The People" and that tab will basically consist of you all; the stylish and the trend setters. Enjoy!

With Love,
Kenneillia S.
Photographs taken by Alejandro T.

Before anyone says anything about the title of this post, I just want to say that I felt inspired by the Roman numeral numbers within some of the photographs that were taken. MCMXCII means 1992. Why 1992? That is the year that I was born. I am a proud product of New York, but I am ashamed to say that within the 21 years that I have lived in NY I have only been to Columbus Circle once, other then today.  It is not that I am trying to avoid another tourist attraction, it is just that I really do not have much to do in that area. I am considering going there more often because of what I've seen yesterday afternoon. I spotted a big beautiful mall that was pretty much made of glass, gorgeous monumental statues and of course, one of the many entrances to Central Park. I met up with Alejandro and just decided to shoot photos and shop a little. Well, I pretty much watched as he shopped. I know! Strange huh? 
Any who, I hope you all got to enjoy yesterdays gorgeous weather. I am off to work later on today, so even if it nice, I will not be enjoying it from the inside of the Bloomingdales walls. Have a good day you guys! 

Wearing: Dolce Vita Shoes | Gap Jeans | Crossroads Flannel Shirt | Thrifted rings | Calvin Klein Coat

With Love,
Kenneillia S.

"...Head in the clouds but my gravity centered..."

Photographs taken by both Alejandro and I

Just like sports, I had a birthday pre-game. lol. My birthday is today and I went out to this really exciting place called Nitehawk Cinema last night. My friend, Alejandro, and I wanted to try something new, so he had the idea of researching places in the city where we were able to watch a movie and have dinner at the same time. Who knew they actually had a place like that here in New York. We watched Don Jon and ate the most amazing food. If anyone is looking for something new to do, check out NiteHawk in Brooklyn. It is also near by the Brooklyn Bridge; you can maybe take a walk there after. We did walk around after to take photos and just hang out, but around the neighborhood. Honestly, that neighborhood will be added to my "Places to live in NYC list". Who ever been or lives around this neighborhood should definitely let me know how it really is =D

I am officially 21 today and it is exciting to be able to walk into a bar and buy my own drinks.

Wearing: Forever 21 Burgundy Dress and Jacket | Louis Vuiiton bag | Charlotte Russe booties | Thrifted Necklace

With Love,
Kenneillia S.
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