Erykah Badu's Rebirth Into The Digital World

Erykah Badu, a self-described “analog girl in a digital world”, has prosperously put out her mixtape, But You Can’t Use My Phone. The project was released last year on the 27th of November. She has successfully found a way to remain in tuned with her roots, yet was still able to connect with the men and women of this generation. She managed to orchestrate relatable lyrics with songs off the album such as “Phone Down” and “Whats Yo Phone Number.” With lyrics such as “I can make you put your phone down,” Badu recognized and understood the attachment to phones and social media and used it to her advantage. 

There had been claims that Drake, singer/songwriter, was featured in two of Ms. Badu songs. Indeed, Drake and Badu had been spending time together discussing the project, but it wasn't Drake’s voice that was featured. It was an underground rapper from Atlanta, Georgia named ItsRoutine. Badu wrote a tweet reassuring her fans that “It’s not Drake. It’s one of my artists named ItRoutine. He’s on my label and he can do anything. He sounds like him sometimes. His name is Aubrey as well.”

Erykah made a guest appearance on Sway in the Morning with music reporter, Sway Colloway. She went on to say that getting someone to put their phone down these days is hard and that “If you can make him put his phone down, you bad.” She also spoke of how she envisioned someone putting their phone away to actually enjoy her in concert, feel her vibes and not record it on one of their “gadgets.” It seems as if Erykah wants to simply change the reliance on technology.

It is hard for an artist to stay relevant as music grows, but Badu has managed to stay afloat.

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